Apatsa Rose


A young black Afro-British female trying to navigate adulthood.

A Love Letter

Black girl

You’re so beautiful!

And in no way do I mean this from the part of me that’s gay

I’m talking about pure unadulterated appreciation for melanin popping skin that glows like no


The shine of your lips

The curve of your hips

The different shapes of your thick thighs

Saving lives,

Your behind got niggas high

My oh my,

Those breasts

Make Elijah’s valley of dead bones come alive

It’s not just about your body in the variety of shapes and sizes.

And it’s not merely the myriad of gorgeous faces

Your soul and your spirit

Deep and true

Reminds you of the goddess that lies within


Queen of water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality

You tell Sango when to come and go!

Baby, you’re in full control

You’re smart


Hard working

Not basic

This leaves you memorable


Unique to the lives you touch.

Though not everybody sees you,


The ones that matter

Certainly, do.

Don’t get me wrong

You have your own problems

Ones I needn’t mention

Because this is about appreciation

All I’m trying to say,

Like I do when I slither into DM’s

Is that ‘I see you’

The most beautiful beings alive,

Black women

You glow

You grow!


This fight has been happening for centuries.

The fight to be equal

Equally free

Equally paid

Equally perceived

Equally likely to stay alive.

The police have been crushing the bones and skulls of victims for years

Shooting the bodies of our peers

Then being promoted after this,

Whilst the testimonies of the dead

Fall on deaf ears.

The courts have ignored

Industries have soared

Churches have adored Jesus…but not the ones he came to save

Society has scored

On the backs of those who roared

And never stopped shouting.

But you

The worst of all

The one who makes up these institutions




Have bathed in apathy

Have laid in passivity

Have sprayed the cologne of accidie

So why now have you joined the fight?

Has lockdown given you a reason to think of others

Outside of yourself?

Outside of your circle?

Outside of anything that affects your existence?

Why is it that now

You have seen the light?

Who can blame you?

It’s in our nature…

Well done though

Clap for yourself

Honestly, go-ahead!

Congratulations for getting up and out of your complacent bed!

Splendid job

For climbing of

out the pit of


And posting a

picture on the trendy

bandwagon of “#blackouttuesday” because

Everybody’s doing it, so

why not you?

Take 2 minutes out of your

day to show you’re down with the culture

When this has never even crossed your mind!

It’s something I struggle to get behind

Because there’ll never be true equality

If mindsets stay sleeping

So why did it take George Floyd to make you see that there’s a problem?

Why now?

This is for all those who died at the hands of brutal force just for the colour of

their skin, including George Floyd…

Black Man

“ Black men aren’t taught self-love

They’re taught respect ”

– Anonymous

Respect your Mama

Don’t get disrespected by your woman

Or any other nigga

For that matter.

Black women were taught to stand on their own

Be their whole grown self

Develop their own kind of wealth through the richness of their culture,


Black men

The Vulture

The aggressor

The one who put their guard up and dare let someone climb in

To see their soft beating heart

Blood flowing gently,

Like a piece of art.

You let society spell out with brutal clarity

That you’re nothing but a worthless


Human Being

And it’s seen by the way you act out

With your belligerent tone

And a blunt in your mouth

You’re born and you die before seeing the light

Before realising you’re in this world for a bigger fight than

Black, gun, gang culture

“We do it for the culture”

Maybe that’s what gives you purpose

The drive to peacefully co-exist with those who practise and preach


I wish I could take his pain away

Your pain

Let it subside for another day

And wake up to see

You’re more than what you’re perceived to be

You’re loved for more than your aesthetics or good loving

But for that inner soul that gives a glimpse of the heavens above

Black man, it’s all about love

Of yourself.

Dear Women of Colour...

Dear Colour,

It took a while for me to notice you

Though I would stand in a room with a sea of individuals with faces that looked nothing like mine

They were always kind

Hence I was always blind to you

Until year two.

When I came in with a little fro and lo and behold I was…


My nose was

wider, My lips

were larger, My hair was


And I never knew until she pointed it out at school.

Running to the bathroom with

tears streaming down my face, then all I

wanted was my mother.

Looking in the mirror

I contemplated her abrasive statements

Was she right?

Did I look just



Was I ugly for being different?

Was I still that sweet, precious girl that my family said I was or was I now


Being the only non-white child in school had never been so apparent until this pivotal moment


I saw you.

You brought with you a divide,

A fight with self to discover the wealth that my colour brought

To find the light we hold inside

To manipulate perceptions, yet stay true to who I am

I can’t say much good has come from knowing you

But I’m aware

And though I’m not sure how to deal with you yet

I still walk on. I still stand strong.

To Colour, I say Hello…

Dear Woman,

Did God curse just you

Or he cursed man too?

Though sometimes you are seen as less than

You’ve been shown that you still can

Be the queen of the home

Of the road

Of the show

Though we speak of girl power

Is it a myth that really exists

Or do we aim to empower one another?

Woman, he says to you

Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife

At times these terms connote strife

From the time the period arrives

Expectation is created,

Though you knew not

Because you were silently elated.

Long nails

Tight curls

Rouged lips

Thick hips

Shaved legs

Full edges

Are supposedly what make you, you.

Yet to you there is no structure

Too varied, intricate and positively complex to categorise

Men are mesmerised by your diversity.

Dear woman, to you I say

When in doubt

Question a world without your touch.

Dear Women of Colour,

We salute you

We salute that you tore your enemies in two

Because some of us in your shoes

Wouldn’t be able to do the things you do

Downtrodden by society

Their men, our men

The beauty of your boldness always stand strong

In a world where sometimes it’s hard to belong

Dear woman of colour

This appears to be wrong

Oprah, Archie,

Michelle, Mum

When you stop to think of what you’ve become

An inspiration, a ray of sun

Though you are of colour

Though you are a woman

Though anyone who beholds you can clearly see this

May you not be purely defined by the beauty of your physique

Or subject to pre-conceived ideas about who and what you should be

May your spirit be seen

Your heart keen

To illuminate generations to come along

Show us that we can do,

Be, Anything.

That one day, we won’t have to work thrice as hard to get where we need to

And will only depend on our man if we want to

Break free from any chains that will ever seek to bind you

Mental rains should fail to surround you

Fear cease to drown you

Dear women of colour, bright as day

I proudly say,

You are the future.

Mixed Race

I’m a mixed race

Mix of races

Mix of faces, voices, places

Racist can be my inner being

But how can I exterminate this

When the world is live in makes me hate it?

Brown is my body, Black is my hair

Yet I get to pick the colour of my underwear

White is my accent and the way I choose to accentuate my look

Causing confusion


I’m cruising in the land of in between

Yet, I’m a lean mean money making machine!

Wanna ask me where I get my green?

Assume it’s from fraud?

Or stealing your nans purse as she waddles through the door?

And naah I ain’t a whore

Just all about my hustle

Ask Mr Muscle

And he’ll give you insight

Into how sleeping at night

Became a slight fright

Knowing that at 6am

My alarm would ring bright and early

I’d throw on my wig which is curly

And go earn the big bucks

Monday to Friday

Then Saturday to Sunday I’d finally get to chill.

It’s real

I love indie and soul

Trap, pop, rock and roll

And like any mammal

I’m searching for home

A place that I know

One I can call my own

Like Adele, I deserve to have it

Where the people I’ve met are the wonders of my world

Wonder into my world

A chocolate and vanilla swirl

They try kill each other each day

Hoping the other will get taken away

But they continue to live inside me

Residing nicely

And without one

What I know of me will die

So I hold my head to the sky and say

I need


I am