Dafne C



“During this past year I've been trying to find a way to disolve all the pain my mother's rejection caused me.

Last year my mom found out that I was bisexual, in a strict African and Muslim household this felt like one of the worst betrayals I could have committed.

She basically spent 4-5 hours beating me and thinking of ways to kill me. Fortunately I found a way to escape that house and I ran away. 

In this piece I let go of those memories and feelings, leaving them in the past. Through these poems I forgive my mom and myself for everything that happened last year. And also I reach a peace state where I finally accept myself, and understand that my religious believes shouldn't stop me for loving who I love.” 
Basically in these poems I let go of those memories and feelings, leaving them in the past. Through these poems i forg

BMB | Daphne C

Fatou María del Pilar Cabo Diagne aka Dafne C is 23 years old and was born in Senegal. Before they were 1 years old, they moved to Canary Islands with their Mom.

Raised in a Muslim African Household, all hopes to be the "good child" were put on them.

At 18 years old, thanks to an Erasmus scholarship (Translation and Interpreting Degree: English, French, Spanish), Dafne C was able to leave their household for a year to study in France. This is when they first tasted freedom. “I felt free, I could discover who I really was because there was nobody who would judge.” 
When their scholarship ended Dafne C decided to move to Barcelona, and work and live by themself.

Since childhood, Dafne C always felt a strong connection to writing, spending hours and hours writing all type of stories with the dream of being a writer. As a  teenager they discovered a love of poetry. “Through poetry every imaginable feeling can be put into words, sometimes into ways that everbody would understand, and sometimes that only myself could understand.”

Dafne C is also a model. It happened almost by mistake but it's one of the jobs that give them a lot of confidence.