Gin Wilson



Folklore, torture, too sure, the want to be cured, bored, drift ashore, head strong & heart torn, the nee to reasure, the want to overstore – tell a story, sell your glory, be a part of the one-two-three pour me into a wishing well of the past, adore, cure me, take me into your heart & restore me, assure me – that I'll once day taste your drink, leave me no more time to think, moving forward moving backwards, taking notions feel the motions, drink this sacred mayan potion, that makes puddles out of oceans, making of your scent a lotion, that I wear around my neck like a token..

Broken. Homes, set in stones, engraved cyphers in your bones, making love and make the moans, holy places left to roam, see horizons so that expectations will be blown. Away. Love so much sown that you start to pray, your mind became foam so you started to sway. Away. From reason and from rhyme, from feeling and from mine, or your, or anyone that pays the dollar due – it's hard to stay true when defeat has got you captured in a yellow tinted hue – you can't find death because it will find you, this love's so wrong it wrings you out until you dry and see through – so go home, drink, cut, chew, swallow - Aint no more idles left yet to follow, chests left empty stolen and hollow, inhale the lies that they tell you, or swallow – Alas! Potential is imprisoned in tomorrow, but what they don't tell you is that they cause your sorrow.

Understand. Demand. Take the risk and stand.

Your a city made of gold, brining warmth where there is cold, wisdom coming from the old, teaching children they are lords, teach them how to save now hoard, show them how to give not forge, and be. Bigger than the parents of this breed – of money - Got to sow the seeds so that we can taste real honey. Reveal, the irony that is not really funny. And still – we've got a lot of ground to cover so you've got to keep it real. You've got a lot of knowledge but you've got to really feel. Among us is the broken so we've got to learn to heal. The ignorance is choking so we've got to really peel – the layers. The poor & the players, the high & the haters, the capital crusaders, the hypnotised & fakers, bohemian rhapsaders -  take the mixers take the phasers, mix it up and give praise to the music of our kind, the poets who never fail to leave it all behind, the prophets of tomorrow, the knowledge of the sciences that try to fill the hollow, the unknown truth that we'll never reach tomorrow – your presence is today. Feel your presence feel your pain. Raise it up and make a racket, ruin your favourite jacket -  Unearth the feeds, the seeds, the needs for new tactics. You've got the best packet. Of people. Conducive & attractive, productive & who practice – the truth, the moves, the youths who easy bruise – who question the facts and don't just let it cruise.

We're on our way to find our way a better way to choose. Our way. Soon they won't be able to tell us to behave. We're gonna make a move so you've got to bring it brave.

I’m talking to - the communists, the anarchists, the socialists, the scientists, the angry anthropologists and those who're having none of this, the poets and the artists, derivatives of all this. The critics, the minutes – it's critical, empirical, enrich them all, and bring the fall, we're everything from rich to raw – stand up and stand tall. - - Together in the movement, that's stronger than the weather, we've got to stay together, make of your words a leather, that's stronger than a treasure – carry on.

Carry on. Carry on. Carry on. Be strong. It's long. And you're never really wrong.

It's shameless, it's tameless, it's priceless & it's nameless.

Revolutionary princess about to be a queen, her empire of gold together we will free.

Revolution. Revolt, reboot, revolution.

Consult your noose. Revolution. 
Your heart will sing. revolution. 
The wounds will sting. Revolution. 
Continue, keep trying, solutions.

Cause us, we are & will be the Revolution.