Juliana Ayeni-Stevens



BROKEN is a short film that was written, directed and produced by Juliana, about a Mother and Daughter coming face to face about past memories and current issues masked by culture and religion that has changed the dynamics in their relationship.

Daughter blames her Mother for her mental health issues and how her life has turned out and Mother is just trying to survive a troubling past with an intense secret.

BROKEN | Juliana Ayeni-Stevens

Juliana Ayeni-Stevens is a Black-British Filmmaker based in London, England.

She started her journey aspiring to become an actress but shortly after finishing university threw herself into a full-time career within talent management. Going onto to various roles within the arts and entertainment industry. Juliana began producing in 2016 and completed a course in producing at Raindance, she has gone on to produce two short films.

As a storyteller, I am interested in creating powerful and thought-provoking narratives that will not only entertain the viewer, but educate them as well. The themes and issues presented in a story like this must be told.

Her love for writing allows her to tell stories that capture the real human experience. Her love for films began in her early years watching a wide range of films from drama to comedy to documentaries.

She has a great love for Latin American Cinema.

This is her directorial debut.