Kai Isaiah Jamal


Standing Back By My Side

The black plait,

Touches the small of my back.

Where a hand sits when guiding you.

My hips are coming back,

Though, I tell you. I am beckoning them

Reminding them that new found love

Can heal initial hatred.

The kind that sits in the base of your spine.

Tek time. I whisper into the mirror.

Everything feels bigger this side of the binary

So I’m sliding up and down it, trynna find a yard there.

There is enough of me in sight

To realise how eyes see things, even the things that aint there.

I think that’s right.

This track a little too tight;

But I can feel something.

Change is upon us in a way I never

Thought id breath.

Like a thick treacle,

Ive waded through the darkest of these days.

I am arriving into the light.

I am by my side.

I am by my own side,

I am in my corner, in equal measure ready for a fight.

I am by my side, forever.