Li Benedetti


Li Benedetti (they/them) is a Brazilian non-binary artist, creative producer and activist based in London. Their creative practice focuses on themes of identity and representation through community-based art, audience development and live performance. They are soon to graduate from a BA Hons degree in Performance Arts at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK. As a young black trans person Li recognises the urgent need to advocate for lgbtq+ rights, specially the rights of trans people. Lastly, Li also shares their lifestyle daily on social media as a young queer creative.

Índios, pretos e pobres 

Deitado firmemente em preconceito
Ódio gratuito, racismo até o túmulo
Figuras de brancos covardemente
Apagando pouco a pouco o passado

Do que a gente menos precisa
De seus risonhos 'eu tenho até amigos que são'
'Seus costumes são esquisitos'
'Nossa vida é santa, abortos não são.

Ó Pátria tomada, explorada
Salve! Salve!
Brasil, um sofrimento infinito
O lábaro de sangue derramado
E diga o canto que escutas tanto
Gritos que ainda são silenciados

Mas, se ergues a voz para a injustiça
Verás sue somos todos Marielle
Nem teme, nem se curva pra maldade
Terra roubada
Entre outras mil
És tu Brasil
Pátria tomada
Indios, pretos e pobres
Em seu fuzil
Pátria amada

Indian, Black and Poor

Stuck strongly into your prejudice
Taking hate and racism to the grave
Cowardly standing white figures
Slowly erasing our past

The last thing we need
Are your giggles and 'I even have friends who are'
'Your customs are weird'
'Our lives are sacred, abortions are not'.

O Motherland taken, explored
Hail! Hail!
Brazil, mother of infinite suffering
An all over trace of blood spatter
And the song that you hear so much
Are screams that are still been silenced

But if you raise your voice to injustice
You'll see we're all Marielle
We don't fear nor curve upon evil.
Stolen land
Among thousands
You Brazil
Homeland taken
Indians, black and poor
On your rifle
Beloved homeland