Michael Rhodes makes music with the intention that they sound like "open wounds". He uses vulnerability and unrestricted openness as a way to reflect common pains, shames, and heartaches humans face. Allowing people to see they are never singular in their emotions. He has a strong focus on constantly using vulnerability in his work, to open and touch the heart space of the listener. He aims to establish hisself amongst the greats, and with his unique tenor voice, wide range, and powerful pen, he is carving out a bold and fresh sound to do that.

Loving In The Dark his latest release, available Tuesday 30th March on all DSPs, is a dark, slightly sultry blend of R'n'B, soul, hip-hop, & trap music. The lyrics talk about sexual repression in men. It's produced by Guy Furious who's created tunes for Dreamville, Ari Lennox & Bas.

Loving In The Dark was written using traditional blues chords and processes, and through experimentation, mix with modern and forward-thinking beats and sounds for its production. It is a departure from previous classic soul and blues sounds Michael has worked with and shows where he is headed in the future.