Nahuel Contreras


Nahuel Contreras is an artist and writer. Working in graphite, oil and wax pencils, ink, charcoal, watercolour, and pastels, much of his work explores the relationships between identity and space through hyper-realistic figurative art.

Reciprocal gazes, intimate moments, cultural referencing, and incorporating fashionas a medium to express identity, are all aspects of his work.

Being Black and queer,his artistic practice has been a means to self-discovery, and self-articulation. Since obtaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Digital Photography, and a Diploma in Art and Design, Nahuel has produced work for many publications and clients including Vogue Italia, Vogue China,
Kaltblut Magazine, Orange Culture, and The Fashionisto. Nahuel has also collaborated with contemporary designers, artists, and exhibited his work at galleries.

Project Description
The artworks featured are part of an ongoing series centred on navigating the intersections of Black queer identity and personhood through portraiture. As well as exploring themes of culture, love, joy, care, comfort, wellness, rest, and healing. After moments of introspection, Nahuel Contreras feels it is imperative to prioritise self-care as a form of resistance, and to amplify the beauty and nuances of Black experiences.