Erotic Reading Circle

In December 2019, we held our first live event. We got together with the Sex + Rage Festival and created an Erotic Reading Circle. Using storytelling, OKHA explored our connection with intimacy....platonically.

We invited poet Efe, host and dancer Anairin Kaines, tarot practicioner and jewellery designer Suhaiyla Shakuwra, paint, poet and musician Dylema, pianist Kariss Townsend, DJ and voice artisit Leala-Rain Shonaiya, model and dancer Ayo Taboo and musician Emmavia and we brought the community together to listen to the soothing sounds of the erotic.

Each of our guests served queer eleganza as they read works by well known authors who delved into the hot and sexy in their novel, poem or short story. Or read their own work.

If you had been there you honestly might have felt a warming sensation from head to..... oop. Ultimately, we wanted to create a space you would literally want to cum to. 

Live Recording

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