28 OCTOBER 2023

To celebrate Black History Month, PRIM hosted the first event from their new event series A Mixtape on Duality with films, conversations and free books.

A Mixtape on Duality is a series of events that aims to share the ways in which we learn, educate and share parts of ourselves and our communities.

The day-long event, supported by Mulberry, was held at Young record labels, Young Space, in London's De Beauvoir area on the 28th October. The event included screenings of The Aggressives [2005] by Daniel Peddle, Isaac Julien’s Young Soul Rebels [1991] and recent release Kokomo City [2023], along with free books from the PRIM Bookshop and a special commemorative t-shirt to mark the event.

With over 40 attendees and a beautiful space, PRIM hosted an incredible afternoon of films screened within a purpose-built screening space in the mezzanine of the Young Space’s 1st floor. Guests were provided with an assortment of popcorn, olives, plantain chips and Ottolenghi salad for lunch as well as drinks including tea and coffee.

Featuring talks with Toronto-based founder of New Currency, Kazeem Kuteyi, artist Rachel Jones and DJ and curator Sippin’ T in conversation with PRIM’s founder, K Bailey Obazee.

Their discussions focused on building community whilst building themselves as artists, how to better document creativity and existence in our communities right now and how else we can all navigate curating and programming events in our home cities and abroad. Attendees were left feeling entertained, enriched and excited for subsequent events in this new PRIM series.

Furthering the collaboration between PRIM and Mulberry, a donation is also being made to
The Orange Library.  Led by Fatou Camara, The Orange Library, based in The Gambia, is a space for teenagers and young adults to find themselves through literature and language which they can see themselves and each other in.

Images by  @bare_clips

Event produced by ZMM Management.