Sophia is a writer and musician creating content surrounding identity and self-expression.

In doing so, they hope to engage in dialogues surrounding perspective, lineage and the marginalised experience. In this 7 minute audio, Harari use poetry, storytelling, sound and music to share their experience of self, home and family.

“In self-preservation, I introduce two stories in my life that made me come face to face with how the people around me interact with my identity. One being when my blackness was commodified for the entertainment of my white peers in school the second where my queerness was dismissed by my family before I even had a chance to express it. The piece is woven together with moments of realisations at how these experiences have affected my existence.  The piece is an expression of the jumble of thoughts and memories that feed into the confusion of existing in spaces that were not welcoming of difference.” - Sophia Harari